Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 - Dear Nicholas Sparks (Guest Blogger Becky Buist)

Dear Mr. Sparks,

It was a bright and sunny day on Toms River North's football field, as we, the class of 2000, graduated! As I looked around, young adults, who have been my friends, classmates, and teammates for the past 4 years, and some of them even longer, surrounded me. I thought about all the memories and I wondered what destiny had-in store for us?

My name is Rebecca Marie Buist, but most everyone calls me Becky. I was born on April 23, 1982 to my loving parents, David and Mary Beth. However only a few moments after I took my first breath of life, the doctors told my parents that I was born with a left sided diaphragmatic hernia. Needless to say they were heart broken and anxious as their first born baby girl was whisked away to have the first of what would be 3 surgeries. The first surgery was fairly successful, but the next few weeks would be critical. I had my second surgery at two months and after that one I was fine until I was 5 years old. I was in kindergarten when I had my last surgery as a result of scar tissue from pervious surgeries that had "rubbed against each other" and caused a kink in my intestines. Once that was fixed, I was "good to go"!

I do have scars on my stomach, but- it really hasn't phased me too much! I live by the beach, so to wear a bikini while body boarding in the waves, is not comfortable at all! (Besides, I don't exactly have washboard abs!) The only other visible scars I have are three pinhole cut downs, from the IVs on each wrist. One time in first grade, there was this mean little boy who teased me about the scars. Naturally, I didn't like being made fun of, so I did the best thing I could think of. I told them that I was scuba diving in the Fla. Keys, where I was attacked by a monster great white shark! Then I proceeded to show him the scars that were on my stomach! He was so impressed with my adventurous near death experience, that I was the single most popular kid in my grade! To this day, when people ask me what happened to my wrists, I tell them that a shark attacked me when I was very young. They are always dumbfounded and amazed! What can I say, I'm a drama queen!

My Mom always used to say that she was glad I was a girl with a CDH rather than a boy, because boys tend to be into sports and a lot more active than girls are. She figured that I could just be content to play with dolls and sing in choirs, since there wasn't any peer pressure to play ball and act wild. However, I wasn't the "play with dolls and do quiet things" kinda girl. I was the only girl to play with the boys on the playground, playing basketball and football and anything else they did! I played on the 6th grade basketball team and the junior high school teams too! When I entered high school I started to play field hockey and lacrosse. I was the varsity lacrosse goalie since my freshman year, beating out 3 others for the starter spot. I continued to play all four years, improving my game a little more each year. This past year was amazing- it finally all came together! My team's record was 20 wins 2 losses, and we made many headlines! Including winning our championship for the first time ever. I was MVP of the team, I was player of the week, I made 1st team All-Shore, and 2nd team All-County. I was goalkeeper for the Ocean vs/ Monmouth All-star game and was MVP of the team too!

At this point in my life, I have so many great experiences already! Nothing has ever held me back from doing something that I really wanted to do. I consider myself a very strong willed person with a sunny personality and a bright outlook on life. I have a very supportive and loving family including my 2 brothers, David 15, and Ryan 8. I always live life to the fullest and I find something good in everyday. What does destiny have in store for me? Only God knows. All I have to do is aim for the moon, that way if I fall short ... at least I'll be amongst the stars!

Becky Buist

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