Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2 - Dear Nicholas Sparks (Guest Blogger Connie Springs)

Dear Mr. Sparks,

On December 30, 1986 I first learned of CDH.  I had waited in":Grandmotherly" anticipation for the birth of my granddaughter and that day started out to be a happy, jolly, laughing family gathering that consisted of my daughter,in,law, Lisa Carter, my son, Phil Carter, Lisa's mother, Midge Taylor, Lisa's son, Joe and me, Connie Springs..  All of the wonderful celebration came crashing down when Cassandra was born and diagnosed with CDH.

After her birth, the nurses recognized that she was in distress and they allowed Lisa to hold her for a few minutes before rushing Cassandra to the hospital Nursery .  They took time to weigh her before starting X-rays.  They called her Pediatrician  and he arrived immediately, diagnosed her problem and ordered an ambulance to take her to Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

I overheard a conversation between Phil and the doctor and Hernia was mentioned.  I had heard of babies being born with a Hernia but it was not considered a serious condition. I was not concerned until a nurse asked me,"Who is with the mother?"  I replied that her mother and son were with her.  Then, the nurse,made a statement that convinced me that Cassandra's condition was very serious when she said, ":Someone should be with the father also!"

The minister at the hospital arranged for a taxi to take me to Children's.  Before I left, the two brokenhearted Grandmothers met in a bathroom and consoled each other with words of comfort but our hopes and dreams dissolved into anxiety, fears and tears.

Shortly after I arrived at Children's Hospital we saw Cassandra as they took her into Surgery.  One can never be prepared to see an infant granddaughter, just four hours old, on her way to surgery or to see her afterwards, knowing the odds are stacked against her.  Sweet little babies, tubes, tubes, tubes.

We give God the praise that we can say, "Cassandra is a survivor!"  We also grieve with the parents of Cherubs that "fly away" ,  We believe that God has prepared a special place for these precious babies.

Many prayers were said on Cassandra's behalf and friends were very supportive.
This poem was written to my Sunday School Class after I returned to my home.

"Oft times we take for granted
friendships we hold so dear
But when the occasion arises
we find we need friends near
Though miles may separate us
we're close in thoughts and prayer
And it comforts one to know
that friends are really there
My gratitude to each of you
is exceeded only by my love
Another gift we're given
from our God above
I can't express the joy
for the blessings that God gives
for many prayers were answered
And our dear Casey lives.

Connie Springs

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