Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22 - Dear Nicholas Sparks (Guest Blogger - Joanne Kjaersgaard)

Dear Mr. Sparks,

Ariana was born on the 8th of May, 1990. She is our third child & was dubbed the wild child when she was 2, she has also been referred to as action girl! This is a quick summery of her life to date.

Detected at 17.5 weeks via an ultrasound, 13 ultrasounds & 1 amnio between 20-34 weeks, 6 days overdue, born naturally with an audience of 13 Dr’s & nurses. I think we had a lot of tests as not too many babes had been detected through pregnancy & I believe they got their worth with us! We were kept up-to-date & never felt ‘left out’ of the goings on.

When she was 2.5hrs old, she was stable enough to start surgery. It took 2.5hrs. Her stomach, all of her large & small intestines, 1/3 of her liver & her spleen had managed to move through the hole in her left diaphragm. Her bowel was mal-rotated. She had 1/3rd of the top lobe of her left lung. 4 weeks later we where home. She threw up constantly, badly. At 11mths she had 2nd surgery, a Fundoplication. She had no valve at the top of her stomach, so they created one for her. She has not received her nickname without cause. At 2, she unlocked the front security screen door & went wandering off down the street. At 3, she climbed a 6ft pool fence (no foot holds), at 3.5, she managed to get onto the roof of the house. She scaled our 6 ft fences to visit the neighbours! She drew on walls, tables & chairs. She never sat still for a meal & still doesn’t today. Her mind seems to work at double the pace of the rest of us, so does her body! She has managed to a great deal more, good & bad, but I’m only allowed one page!

In her first year of school, I was called up to the Deputy’s office 4 times. This year, she’s in her 5th year & I’ve only been up there once ..... so far. She took up Karate last year, but we had to ban her from that because she was starting to beat up on her sisters every time they annoyed her. By rights, she should have had a few broken bones with the tumbles she has taken but she hasn’t?

She is a generous person, always willing to share. She is the one that accepts the dare, always the first to ‘give it a go’. She gives everything she does 110%, be it good or bad, behavior or habit. There is a peaceful quiet that settles on the house when she is not here, that becomes a gaping hole if she is gone for more than a day. There is no doubt that she is the spice in our house, & we have 4 kids! She drives me crazy, she stirs up her sisters & brother. She is life at the fullest & we wouldn’t have her any other way. She is our wild child, our action girl & we love her.

There is no doubt in my mind that this girl will succeed in everything she does, lets hope WE can survive what she has in store for us.

Written by Ariana’s mom Joanne Kjaersgaard (Australia)

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