Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31 - Dear Nicholas Sparks

Dear Mr. Sparks,

365 letters to you, a few book signing visits, 2 photos with you and a whole lot of prayers.   You haven't had my face and name plastered on warning posters for security.   You have graciously listened to me, asked me questions and seem genuinely interested in these children.   Most importantly, you have not said that dreaded word "no".

Thank you for humoring me.  Thank you for considering helping these children.  20 years and my voice just isn't loud enough.   In the year that we have been writing you, 1600 more babies were born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia just in the United States alone.   800 of those children did not survive.

Every single phone call from a new parent, every heartbreaking message that a little one lost the fight and every prayer for each of these families included a hope that some day, someone will care enough to speak up for these babies.  

I'm not sure why it was laid upon my heart to start this project or why you were the person who I was led to seek on behalf of these children.  But I hope that this quest ends happily ever after.  I hope that you will write the ending of this story.  I pray that you will give these cherubs a voice.  

Thank you for allowing us to dream and to hope.  And that you for all your kindness along this journey.


Dawn M. Torrence (Williamson) Ireland
CHERUBS President & Founder
Shane's mom

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