Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15 - Dear Nicholas Sparks

Dear Mr. Sparks,

We are down to 1 week before the 2015 Masquerading Angels Ball.

Tickets are flying, feathers from wings are all over the office (literally), plans are being wrapped up and auction items are being delivered.

It is like planning a wedding every single year.  That you ask for sponsors to pay for.   With gifts that you need donors to donate.

It's like begging for a wedding every single year.

But this is our 20th anniversary celebration and actress Patsy Pease from "Days of our Lives" is our celebrity guest.

And I don't have a date.  Because you turned me down (insert smirk with sarcasm here).   I know, I know, you have other plans already that outrank our charity event.  I agree and understand.  That just means that we will have to find some other way for you to learn about CDH, meet families and give us a chance to get you to open your heart to this cause that so badly needs your voice.

Dawn M. Torrence
Tired CHERUBS President

Photo by RDU Media
Actress Patsy Pease

Photo by M. Eric Honeycutt at VegaBlue Studios

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