Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7 - Dear Nicolas Sparks (Guest Blogger J.C. Kuehn Miller)

Dear Mr. Sparks,
The weather is changing. Summer is over and autumn is upon us. I woke up this morning and stepped out onto my front porch. Even with my lovely, fluffy robe wrapped around me, the chill of the dawn air nipped at my skin.

I personally love the fall with its beautiful colors, state fair, bonfires, and warm potato soup. Our sweaters are able to escape their storage bins. The anticipation of Christmas leaves the children on the edge of their collective seat. Jack Frost is waking from his long slumber.

Though all these images make the average person ripe with excitement, there is another side to this story.
Fall also kicks off the flu season. Runny noses, deep chest coughs, fevers, and body aches are a part of our life. However, these aggravations are far more dangerous to tiny babies whose respiratory systems are already compromised. When the diaphragm fails to fully form, this allows the bowels to move into the chest cavity where the lungs should be.

This can be a difficult time to newborns, teenagers, and adults alike. It leaves many vulnerable and estranges families from being able to see the precious young cherub out of fear of spreading some sickness to the child.
Imagine giving birth to your child and immediately handing the baby over to the doctors and not being able to hold it for weeks or months. Try explaining to your parents that they cannot visit their grandchild. 

It even extends to the cherub’s schooling. Preschools are notoriously infested with germs and sickness. Because of their weakened state, the cherub may miss this valuable time before they enter elementary school.

All this just goes to show that something that we enjoy and take for granted can be a very serious matter for a CDH family.

So, enjoy the hot coco, put on some comfy slippers, and ALWAYS ask the parents of the Cherub before dropping by the hospital.

Jason C. K. Miller

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